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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

A Very Bright Young Man

As I said in my post four months ago, Josh has been struggling.  Thankfully his mood swings have been fairly mild, but they do make his life more difficult than it needs to be.

He has slowly arrived at a better place, and all of it was through his own desire to get there.

He stopped drinking, etc. because he's wise enough to know that it only creates more issues.

He went shopping for a new psychiatrist, because his old doctor isn't covered under his new health insurance.

The process took a while, and his heart wasn't really it, but his head knew that he needed to stick with it and get some help.

He seems to like his new doctor, who put him on an anti-convulsive med (which has some pretty scary side effects).  So far he's doing OK on the med, but it will take another week or so to see improvements in his mood.

He met for the first time this week with a new therapist who works under his psychiatrist.  "She's a little bit older than you I think, and I really liked her."

"Well, if she's my age it means she probably has amassed lots of wisdom she can share with you."

I'm so proud of Josh for getting here on his own.  Yes, we've had many discussions about his moods, and yes, I've encouraged him and offered support, but he picked up the ball and carried it.

I think that's key with all this Bipolar stuff.  They have to find their way, and we're left to stand by and wring our hands.  We want to rescue them, but they really have to save themselves.

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Rootietoot said...

I was put on an anticonvulsive (trileptal) when the lithium crashed my kidneys. It has worked phenomenally well. i hope what he's put on does the same. The only issue, there is NO leeway to miss a dose. Withing 6 hours of missing it, strange things start to happen.

Oh, and HI, by the way!)