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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

And Now it's Fall

Josh had a few small 'bumps' after moving in with his girlfriend.  It was a very stressful adjustment for him, and there were a few times when his reactions were.....not good.

He also lost it at work one day and was in fear of losing his job.  Everything worked out in the end though.

The further away from meds he gets, the more convinced he is that he was misdiagnosed.  I'm not a health care professional, but I feel strongly that he was not misdiagnosed.  I feel that Bipolar will negatively effect his life again sometime in the future.

I'd LOVE to be wrong.

Enough time has passed since Josh went off his meds that I have begun to let go of that low grade worry that I have carried around.  No matter how hard you try to let it go, even though you know it's all out of your control, there remains a niggling worry, but mine has become less and less.

I continue to be broken hearted by the emails I receive and comments left on this blog from people who have also been negatively effected by Bipolar.  It is such a difficult path to walk and I admire so much the people who live with it and find a way to create a normal life around it.