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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Did YOU Feel the Earth Move?

Josh has gotten a job. Almost TWO months after I asked him to leave my home, he has a job.

He will be working the third shift (his preferred schedule), which is midnight to 8 AM, stocking shelves in the grocery aisle of one of those large discount stores.

He will be making very little an hour, but working full time. Still, it's not going to be enough to pay for an apartment and meet his obligations to me for his car and car insurance, but I guess we're talking baby steps here.

At least it's a step in the right direction.

He has been mostly wonderful with me when we see or talk to each other. He still tries to make me feel bad or accuse me of this or that, but I don't let him get away with that.

He REALLY hates it at his Dad's house, but knows he needs to stay there several more months before he tries to get his own place.

Josh's general mood is good although he says his Dad's is the most depressing place he's ever been. In spite of that, he doesn't 'seem' depressed.

Fingers crossed that he keeps making forward movement.